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Like the real well-being eco-centre ‘BLOOM’ that we are building, here the BloomSpace Well-being platform offers a peaceful space you can connect with to relax, re-energise and blossom.

This is a social enterprise for the community with a grass-roots ideology; built by the people, of the people, and for the people.

In order to Bloom, the project needs light and rain from the community it will sustain.

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Upload your own Facebook LIVE and YouTube videos, artwork, photos, music, achievements, and inspirational moments to share with the BLOOM Facebook Group.

Come and meet the tribe and share your own music, images, motivation and inspiration for others.  We are showcasing inspiring, innovative and up-and-coming artists, musicians, writers, poets and big thinkers, and you can promote your passion here too.

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I’ll be posting useful and interesting content about mental health and well-being, with you, our Bloom community, from my own experiences; in life, as a Project Manager in the NHS, and in my work as a Quality of Life Coach.

This group is for people who want a place to talk openly about mental health and well-being, share their stories, and their journey, and share the great things happening around mental health, stuff that we can all get excited about!

It is a safe space to find support, offer inspiration, and make new connections.

Click here to JOIN our Facebook Group ‘BLOOM – The Health Spa for the Mind’

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