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What would you do with a few more hours in your day? 

What would you do if you could do ANYTHING?

Write down your goal and put it somewhere you’ll see it every day 


Invest in yourself today with a 1-2-1 Coaching Package or a tailored MBTI package from The Quality of Life Coaching Practice. Learn how to create more well-being in all areas of your life, make time magically appear, enjoy your relationships, and ignite those long-lost passions!

Face to Face Coaching sessions take place in the 6th Floor Members Lounge, The Royal Festival Hall, Southbank. London. SE1 8XX. Enjoy calm, cosy seating areas with inspiring views of the River Thames and the spires of London.

Contact us HERE to arrange your free consultation and find out if coaching is the key to unlocking YOUR potential.

Want Coaching via Telephone and Skype Only?

If you live overseas, on the other side of the country, or would simply prefer coaching via Skype or Telephone, you will receive a 15% discount on the Well-being, Accelerator or Expert package when you book ‘Skype only coaching’ with The Quality of Life Coaching Practice.

My life feels out of balance….What can coaching do for me?

Too frequently we are coerced or feel obligated to, spend more time, energy and focus on our work or career than on our home lives, our family time, our personal interests, or our health and well-being. It follows then, that finding the energy to think about our BIG dreams and aspirations (let alone achieve them) often feels overwhelming, and out of reach, so ultimately we stop believing it is possible and give up on our plans.

This imbalance between work and rest, often made worse by stress, can be incredibly damaging to our mind-body-spirit patterns and it is essential to bring harmony to these vital aspects of ourselves.

Health and well-being flows naturally when mind, body and spirit are in harmony

Being in alignment with yourself and your surroundings, and understanding how to meet your own needs is the secret to success and balance – in all areas of our lives, careers and relationships. Through a powerful question-based methodology, coaching will raise your self-awareness, put you on the right path, and provide you with more choices and opportunities than you ever thought possible.

It all begins when you decide to invest that time in yourself and essentially, take back control of your future. If you’re ready and prepared to take action in your life, then coaching can help you to cope with stress, learn to manage your time more effectively, navigate your communication within relationships, achieve any goal you set your heart on, and create wellbeing every day, leading to more resilient positive mental health and greater fulfilment in your life, whatever that looks like to you.

Which area of Coaching would bring YOU back into balance?

Coping with Stress & Building Resilience

Restoring Work – Life Balance

Mental Health & Well-being

Time Management & Goal Setting

Communication & Emotional Intelligence

Business Growth & Start Up


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The world-renowned Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) framework has helped millions of people across the globe, gain a deeper understanding of themselves and how they interact with others.

Learning about your personality type preferences using the Myers-Briggs framework, means you will become part of a community of people who share a common language for talking about their personality, and who use their MBTI® knowledge to work more effectively together.

Understanding workplace preferences, managing stress, reducing conflict, searching for suitable careers, and improving team effectiveness are just a few of the many MBTI type-related applications that can be explored to help you accelerate your life, career or business pathway towards success. Choose a particular area to explore from Communication, Stress-Management, Conflict-Style, Decision-Making and Career Path.


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