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100% of all funding raised goes directly towards the social enterprise project to build BLOOM – The Health Spa for the Mind – Bloom will be a Wellbeing Eco-Centre to support people affected by stress and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and other health issues and physical injuries, particularly those working in the NHS, the emergency services, the armed forces and veterans. By offering education and access to information & practical support to create wellbeing as a daily practise, we can ensure greater resilience against poor mental & physical health, and by exploring natural and non-invasive therapies & remedies each one of us can bloom our wellbeing in body, mind, connection, nature, passion and community.
Sustainability for our environment
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Sustainability for our future

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Introducing Shane Koyczan

I have the great privilege to introduce to you, the wonderful Shane Koyczan: an incredible poet and writer who brings light into my life every time I hear his words, watch his performances, feel his vibes, and connect to the rhythm that he creates. Shane Koyczan has shown me what courage really looks like, and his words will surely inspire you too.

Shane weaves beautiful stories about his experiences in life, about mental health, depression, body image, bullying, love and relationships, his grandma and his grandpa, protection for the environment, and much more, with bravery, honesty and delightful humour, all wrapped up in his technicolor imagery, so that we find we are woven into the story with him, and we cannot escape the gravity of the message he wants us to hear.

Shane is the author of 3 books and has recently released his first studio album, ‘Debris’ with The Short Story Long.

I will share the first four videos from Shane that awoke me to his beautiful poetry, in the hope it will inspire you to go forth and discover more of his work, at his website:

and on YouTube:

And even become his patron:

Follow Shane on Twitter: @Koyczan

The four videos I want to share with you, are:

  1. To This Day … for the bullied and beautiful – by Shane Koyczan
  2. Shoulders by Shane Koyczan and The Short Story Long
  3. Troll by Shane Koyczan
  4. Bedtime Stories (Shine) by Shane Koyczan

1. To This Day … for the bullied and beautiful by Shane Koyczan (12:04 minutes)

Performed for TED Talks (Longbeach California)

2. Shoulders by Shane Koyczan and The Short Story Long (7:10 minutes)

3. Troll – Shane Koyczan (5:26 minutes)

4. Bedtime Stories (Shine) – Shane Koyczan (4:29 minutes)